What is Salesforce Genie?

Dec. 8, 2022 ยท 5 minutes

The real-time platform for customer magic is Salesforce Genie. It allows your teams to better meet your customers where they are by harmonizing data that is updated every millisecond.

Have you ever contacted a support number and wasted time explaining your purchase history to the representative in order to acquire the appropriate degree of assistance? Or when an online store claims the shirts you've been eyeing are finally in stock, but when you visit the store, they're still unavailable? Most of us are familiar with these situations. We anticipate real-time updates and connectivity for every experience. We get upset when they aren't.

Every organization can easily make sense of all of their data from any system, channel, or data stream thanks to Salesforce Genie. It combines information from each stage of the customer experience into a single record of the consumer. And that instantaneous level of personalization can be created by using that real-time customer profile, which feels magical.


What is Genie's effect on business?

Here are a few examples of how Salesforce Genie vastly improves the customer experience:

  • At 3 p.m., you report the theft of your credit card after losing it. Your card is used to make a purchase at 3:05, but it is instantly declined because the merchant uses Commerce Cloud Genie and gets instant alerts.
  • You contact customer support to report a product-related issue. This results in an automatic step that halts all marketing and sales communications with you until your issue has been remedied because the company employs Service Cloud Genie. You are therefore exempt from the types of routinely irritating interactions that turn away clients, such receiving an email pitch to purchase the specific product you are experiencing a problem with.
  • A personalized offer that you are currently viewing on a website alters immediately as a result of a marketing email you just clicked. As a result of the company's adoption of Marketing Cloud Genie, that offer instantly becomes one that is more pertinent to you than the one you would otherwise be viewing. This persuades you to proceed with the purchase.
  • You need medical attention right away. With access to your real-time patient data, your healthcare professional may provide proactive advice and care recommendations when milliseconds count.

Companies may use a unified profile and real-time data to create more individualized experiences across all industries. As you can see from all of these examples, milliseconds are of the utmost importance. Failure to stay up could result in negative social media feedback, decreased healthcare productivity, and other costs.

Is this a customer data platform (CDP)?

Platforms for customer data, which have historically served mainly as marketing tools, combine disparate data sources into a single, shared picture. This is improved by Salesforce Genie, which continuously feeds an almost endless amount of dynamic data into Customer 360. This indicates that your client data is continuously and more quickly than ever updating with fresh information from all of their interactions.

The entirety of this unified customer profile record is accessible and usable throughout the entire Salesforce product portfolio, including all sector-specific solutions. In order to match client expectations for apps that reflect their behavior in real time, you may also create custom apps that make use of Salesforce Genie.

Marketing, sales, customer service, online shopping, Tableau data analytics, the Mulesoft connectivity platform, and more are supported by Salesforce Genie.

Its huge scale, real-time data, and uniform profile also permit:

  • Artificial intelligence with millisecond-level output updates
  • Automated processes that can quickly change in response to new data
  • An extraordinary level of analytics accuracy

Is this a customer data platform (CDP)?

How does Salesforce Genie work?

The Salesforce platform, the heart of the entire Customer 360, includes Salesforce Genie. Every cloud gets better as we add features to it. Previously, with Flow, and then once more with Einstein, we accomplished this by introducing automation and intelligence to every interaction in the areas of sales, service, marketing, and commerce. The Salesforce platform's integration of Salesforce Genie democratizes access to real-time data across all clouds.

1. Connect all your data

Salesforce was designed to handle primarily transactional data before Genie. With the ability to take in enormous volumes of data in real time, Salesforce Genie completes our existing transactional database. As with all other Salesforce platform features, Genie was created using Salesforce metadata, making the data it stores accessible to Customer 360.

You can connect to any streaming data, any legacy data, and any data from an external source in real time, for example, if you're a bank with a transactional data system. Therefore, if your mobile application is running, Salesforce Genie can connect to it.

2. Harmonise your data

We developed a collection of data models we call the Customer Graph based on our experience working with business applications for more than 20 years. The Customer Graph combines all of these data streams into a single customer profile. When this occurs, it doesn't matter from where each piece of data came or how it was previously labeled; everything becomes a part of the profile.

3. Engage your data and use it to your advantage.

The way Salesforce Genie resolves identities is essential to this process because it creates a single profile for each customer's entire history of contacts with your company, both known and anonymous.

A lakehouse architecture is used by Salesforce Genie to store all of this data. This makes it simpler to organize and categorize the variety of unstructured data that organizations rely on, such as medical records, which have historically been more difficult to manage. As a result, Salesforce Genie can access all of this data more quickly and use it to your advantage.

4. Improve the experience

What purpose does having a large data set serve? Your customer is everything. Salesforce Genie can resolve all of that data, with privacy and compliance built in, so you aren't looking at each customer through a particular lens — a customer opens an app on their mobile device, a consumer opens an app on their smart TV. You can now treat every consumer like a person rather than just a transaction or a number.

It implies, for instance, that the customer service representatives will be aware of your recent product usage when you contact them. You don't need to be asked. They are able to proactively respond to your query.

How is data security and data ethics implemented by Salesforce Genie?

Through best-in-class consent management, policy automation, and other features, our goal for Salesforce Genie is to lead the industry in privacy and data ethics. Salesforce Genie is built using privacy and data ethics best practices in conjunction with our Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology. Most notably, the Salesforce Platform enhances Salesforce Genie with a layer of data policy management to enable users to safeguard their data and adhere to international regulatory compliance standards.