What is Salesforce Employee Experience?

Dec. 8, 2022 ยท 5 minutes

We are setting up laptops at beaches, in small towns, and everywhere in between thanks to the new "work from anywhere" attitude. Unfortunately, not all departments can always easily join the journey.

Since the epidemic, people have been overworked by technology, especially those working in human resources (HR) and information technology (IT). In this new global shift to virtual, urgent needs such as tickets, troubleshooting, computer failures, and others arise. 

HR and IT executives can empower their staff members by:

  • Search for knowledge centrally
  • Priority ticketing using chatbots
  • Dynamic, customized content 

When employees can assist themselves, your people leaders have more time to focus on problems that require more intricate solutions. Operational efficiency improvement was the top chief information officer (CIO) business priority for 2020. Automating complicated procedures using a library of pre-made solutions is one approach to accomplish this. This enhances the efficiency of your entire business by preventing HR and IT bottlenecks. This not only boosts business efficiency, but according to 62% of tech leaders, it also improves staff satisfaction (EX).

Employee Experience

A help desk is a central location where staff members can look for solutions on their own. With regards to any queries, like "Are my pets insurable" and those about onboarding, employees are instantly guided to the conclusions they require.

We developed a concierge-style internal help desk at Salesforce. Concierge has enabled employees to search for solutions, which has reduced the number of problems the IT staff handles and improved response times by 41%. As a result of this accomplishment, we wondered how we could provide our clients with a similar degree of service. How can we share these tested tools and live out our value of customer success? Employee Concierge was created as a result. A help desk that searches across digital divisions for an answer can put every solution to your employees' fingertips much like "concierge service" will send a coffee straight to your door.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can act as a sidekick if the employee cannot find the solution utilizing this centralized search for whatever reason. The greatest help desks feature a built-in chatbot available to the user should they require more assistance.

When it comes to responding to frequently asked inquiries or guiding users to the appropriate channel to finish a request, chatbots offer specialized support. Employees will feel as though they are receiving support from a friendly colleague because chatbots are personalized using language that fits your company's voice and tone. It appears as though an IT representative is seated right next to them, guiding them through real-time solutions based on their responsive comments.

Once employees have looked at help desk and chatbot possibilities, it's time for them to contact IT personnel for individualized assistance. There will always be questions that only IT can address, but by this stage, the majority of such questions have been sorted through employee self-service.

Effective help desks usually provide a mechanism for employees to contact IT support when they are unable to solve problems on their own. Since the outbreak, departments all around the country have been inundated with requests, therefore prioritization is essential to make the greatest use of time. Help desks can simplify requests in the most effective way possible by automating workflow and relieving the burden on IT departments if they have a set method for triaging queries. By expanding the impact of your work, you help your teams do more with less resources.

Similar to this, there are instances in HR where an employee's demands can only be met by speaking with another person. However, if HR specialists are still able to employ productivity tools, built-in AI resources, and expertise from a dedicated console to help with their search, then technology and humans work together to generate results.

The appropriate integrated technologies, like those offered by Work.com, may complement your company's attempts to be everywhere at once. Equipping staff to be their own best problem-solvers is the first step toward long-term success because the demands of a digital environment are constantly changing, as are the technologies and requests that go along with it.

With the Salesforce Employee Experience, you can provide your employees everything they need to collaborate and stay productive in one central hub, find simple-to-use solutions that keep employees productive and pleased regardless of where and how they work. With a smart help desk that provides proactive resolution, keep staff working. With the aid of AI-powered tools, you can assist IT with providing support for all devices across all channels, provide a seamless HR experience that supports each employee, and, with the aid of your HR Service Center, assist your people in receiving prompt responses and completing tasks when they are necessary.

Service to the workforce and output

Here are the different fields that are the features of Salesforce Employee Experience:

Service to the workforce and output

Efficiency is a production-oriented notion that conveys your desire to produce the most with the fewest resources possible. The level of service quality, which is perceived differently by each customer, is strongly influenced by the output or effectiveness of your staff. to make it easier for your staff to do their jobs and boost productivity;

  • Your HR and IT procedures can be made simple and easy if you give your employees easy access to the information they require. You can also assist your staff in completing your processes more rapidly by making their tasks easier.

Employee Workspace

One of the key elements determining the effectiveness of your company is the working environment for your staff. Keeping your staff informed about processes that influence them has an impact on your productivity in addition to the physical and psychological consequences that working circumstances have on them. It's crucial that you can provide your staff with everything they require in an one location so that they can work together and remain productive. The "Employee Workspace" setting of Salesforce:

  • Helps teams collaborate by bringing apps and content together in a single view.
  • Makes it easier for teams to work together

Employee Concierge

It is crucial that your staff can quickly and readily get the information they require. With Salesforce's "Employee Concierge" framework, which offers a seamless service, you can maintain your employees' productivity. The "Employee Concierge"

  • Offers user-friendly self-service channels to employees,

    Service requests between departments are made easier

  • Requests are quickly resolved using AI-powered suggestions.

Service Desk for IT

Give your staff IT resources to keep everything working smoothly. By assisting IT in providing support for all devices across all channels, you give your staff access to AI-powered technologies that offer proactive problem-solving and keep them engaged. With the IT Service Center, your IT team will therefore:

  • You can receive a complete picture of staff technology
  • Use real-time device data to tackle problems more quickly.
  • Workflows for support can be automated.

Center for HR Services

When it counts, the HR Service Center enables your staff to obtain information promptly and take necessary action. The HR Service Center allows you to:

  • Workflows between HR and other teams can be automated.
  • Incoming requests can be managed in a built-in HR console
  • Other HR and IT solutions can be safely integrated.